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Two Dog Reflective Retractable Pet Leash Reflective Orange And Green Leads

Two Dog Reflective Retractable Pet Leash Reflective Orange And Green Leads

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If you have two dogs, you know how hard it can be to walk them with separate leashes. They get tangled, they pull in different directions, and they make your life difficult. That’s why you need the Two Dogs Reflective Retractable Leash, Dual Lock Tangle-Free. This amazing leash lets you control each dog individually with color-coded buttons. Your dogs can explore up to 10 feet away from you without getting twisted, thanks to the 360 Degree Spin Untangles Automatically feature. And if you walk at night, the reflective leads will keep you and your dogs visible and safe. The Two Dogs Reflective Retractable Leash, Dual Lock Tangle-Free is more convenient and affordable than buying two leashes. It has a soft rubber handle that fits comfortably in your hand. It’s the perfect solution for walking two dogs with ease and joy. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best dual dog leash on the market.

  • 360 Degree automatically untangling technology allows you to comfortably walk two dogs at the same time, while maintaining individual control of each one
  • Each dog may walk up to 10 feet in any distance while the leash spins automatically. Walk at night and the reflective leads shine bright if a car is approaching
  • Features orange and green leads that are color-coded to matching stop buttons, so you’ll always know exactly which dog you’re controlling
  • The same weight as a normal retractable leash and less expensive than buying two retractable leashes. This leash is compact and ergonomic. Enjoy holding the soft tough rubber handle
  • 50 pounds each dog. Length: 10 feet per dog. Walk effortlessly and with fun


Dual Doggie 2 Dog Retractable Leash, 50 pounds per dog leash


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