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Short Hair Dog Brush Grooming Comb Detangling

Short Hair Dog Brush Grooming Comb Detangling

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French Bulldog Short Hair Dog Brush for Grooming Combing Detangling

  • Two sided pet brush two in one dog hair brush. One side of the silicone head is used for hair removal and massage. The side of the brush can remove loose hair and debris on the surface. It is suitable for cats or dogs of all types and sizes. The affordable pet comb can help you save the cost of your pet and reduce the time you spend cleaning your pet.
  • The silicone needle of the silicone needle comb is soft, comfortable and not easy to break, and will not harm the pet's skin. It can also play a massage role and promote the pet's blood circulation
  • The dog brush with log color design is solid, healthy and convenient. The handle of the pet brush conforms to the ergonomic design, and it is comfortable to hold, and it will not be laborious to use for a long time.
  • Soft bristles are of moderate hardness, much softer than nylon materials! This bristled dog brush is a good choice for sensitive skin areas such as the abdomen, face, and all short haired breeds. Some dogs can use it to brush their teeth.
  • The perfect packaging design can be used as a gift between friends who like keeping pets. Great gift This pet brush is definitely a good gift for pet beginners and enthusiasts.
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