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Food Feeding Bowl for French Bulldogs Non-Slip Design

Food Feeding Bowl for French Bulldogs Non-Slip Design

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If you have a flat-faced or short-nosed pet, such as a senior dog, French bulldog, Boston terrier, pug, maltese, shih tzu, boxer, puppy, or kitten, you know how hard it can be for them to eat comfortably. That’s why you need this specially designed feeding bowl that makes eating easier and healthier for your pet.

This bowl has the following features:

  • It is made of durable plastic that does not rust or smell, unlike metal or ceramic bowls.
  • It has a 15° tilted angle that allows your pet to swallow food more easily and reduces the risk of choking, gasping, or bloating.
  • It has an anti-spill and anti-slip design that prevents food from falling out or sliding around the floor.
  • It can hold dry kibble or wet food for your pet’s preference.
  • This feeding bowl is the perfect choice for your flat-faced or short-nosed pet. It will help them enjoy their meals more and improve their digestion and health. Order yours today and see the difference!
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