Part 1: How to choose the right Harness for your Frenchie

Part 1: How to choose the right Harness for your Frenchie

Why Choose a Harness:

You’re after a harness for you Frenchie?  Look no further.  Lets detail why you would want to choose a harness over other types of collars.

Harnesses are all around a better choice when it comes to your Frenchies comfort on everyday walks, especially if you are planning on going for a longer walk i.e. over 15 minutes.  French Bulldogs have short bodies and flat faces causing them to suffer from breathing difficulties. This is primarily to their facial structure, such as having abnormally narrow nostrils, the roof of their mouth being miss-shaped and restricting their airway, and even sacs along the voice box blocking the trachea. As such, breathing can be one of the biggest challenges a Frenchie faces as it can impact them while walking, running, playing and even sleeping.  If you don't choose the right harness you could affect your Frenchie in a number of ways:

  • lameness / fatigue
  • spinal problems
  • excessive paw licking
  • skin issues (irritation)
  • allergies
  • lung and heart problems
  • behavioural problems (aggressive)
  • digestive issues
  • ear and eye conditions

Now, this might seem extreme but when it comes to our furbaby, we want to avoid anything potentially harmful to them. Since harnesses do not control the neck, or obstruct the energy and air flow, they typically will protect your Frenchie from dealing with the issues listed above.

Further, since Frenchies have flat faces and breathing problems, a well-designed harness is an excellent choice.  A harness is great for long walks to minimise breathing issues or the body overheating.  On the other hand, a collar and lead are very well-suited short walks.  As pawparents you must be mindful that wearing a harness for an extended period of time can become rather irritating for your Frenchie. You just need to strike a balance between the two. 

Not all harnesses are made the same and they do vary from design and material. Ideally you want a harness that is durable, lightweight, and breathable.  This will ensure that your Frenchie will be comfortable.  The last thing you want is your Frenchie running away or at a standstill as you are about to embark on a walk, and your pup dreads the harness being fitted. We have been caught out a few times like this.

Before you purchase your first harness you see, it’s best to be informed on the different types of harnesses and the benefits of them for Frenchie.

There are a wide variety of harnesses available for all sizes, but generally, there are two basic types of harnesses, mesh, and nylon. So, let’s take a look.

Nylon Harnesses:

These are very similar to a collar. The width of the straps is typically an inch or so wide with the texture and feel of nylon rope. Some of the advantages are that they are easy to clean, adjustable, and very sturdy. These can also be more affordable than mesh harnesses, depending on the brand.

One disadvantage of the nylon harness is that it can be a bit uncomfortable if left on for an extended period of time. Some people have noticed they dig in under the legs and cause discomfort. Don't leave a harness on unnecessarily.

Another disadvantage is that this type of harness is similar to the thin flat rope of a collar, which means that jumping and pulling can still be an issue.

A nylon harness doesn’t give as much security as the mesh variety. Sometimes it can be hard to control your dog as only parts of the chest are secured. Some owners complain that their pup is even able to slip out of the harness due to the thinner straps.  Be careful of your little Houdini.

Mesh Harnesses

These have thicker straps than the nylon alternative and are slightly better at securing your Frenchie around the chest.

Since they have extra fabric, they typically cost a little more than nylon harnesses. But many Frenchie owners think this extra cost is well worth it.

This type of harness is usually more comfortable for your pup and help with breathing problems. The straps aren’t as thin, and most are padded giving extra comfort around the chest area. Instead of digging into your dog’s skin or under their legs, they give a sense of comfort for longer periods of time.

We have listed some of the real advantages of harnesses:

  1. Ideal fit: the adjustable straps on the neck and back allow you to find your perfect fit, even if you’ve had trouble fitting your Frenchie in a harness before. As your Frenchie grows you are able to adjust the straps, so you don't have to keep spending money replacing them over a short period of time.
  2. Easy on and easy off:  the adjustable neck straps loosen enough to allow you to put the harness on without touching your Frenchie’s head or ears. Your Frenchie will love you for it.
  3. Designed for comfort: made with soft padding and adjustable straps to make sure your Frenchie look great and feel great.
  4. Premium quality: made from high-quality materials, with secure buckles and a sturdy D-ring that supports all standard leashes.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a suitable harness for your Frenchie, you have come to the right place.  As Frenchie owners we have spent considerable time road testing a range of harnesses and have designed a range that is not only comfortable and highly durable but is intended to reflect your Frenchies personality and flair. All of our harnesses are designed specifically for Frenchies but can be used by other smaller breeds.

Before choosing a harness check out our sizing suggestions on how to measure your Frenchie to ensure you get the right fit. 



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