How to Protect Your Frenchies this Summer

How to Protect Your Frenchies this Summer

Our Frenchies are prone to over heating during summer. All owners must be careful when taking there pup out for a walk around the neighbourhood, park or swim. You must always keep an eye out for your Frenchie and make sure they remain cool throughout the day! Get into the habit of summer safety! Below are a list of our tips:


1. Be AWARE of the Temperature:

It’s harder for pets to cool down when it is hot and humid. So even if it does not feel too hot, always take care to prevent your Frenchie from overheating during the daytime. Cool your pet with a cooling mat damp cool cloth on their body and by wetting key areas (paws, groin, arm pits and neck) with cool water. If you take your Frenchie for a walk make sure it’s a short walk and you carry a water bottle with you. Your Frenchie will thank you for it!

2. Take a BREAK:

Sometimes Frenchies can get caught up in the moment when playing outdoors and they don’t know when they are overheating. Give your Frenchie plenty of enforced breaks, water and time to rest between play sessions.

3. AVOID the Hottest Part of the Day:

Try not to go out with your Frenchie during the hottest times of the day. As an alternative take them for a swim in a small tub and try to limit walks and exercise during morning, midday or evenings.  Find the coolest part of the day which can be either very early in the notting or late in the evenings. You may want to try a short walk around the back yard or neighbourhood before going for a longer walk. If it’s too hot for you it’s going to be too hot on your Frenchies paws!

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4. Always be CAUTIOUS 

Frenchies are notorious for having breathing difficulties and are known to over heat. Always take extra caution and make sure you listen to there breathing and feel there body for heat. Make sure to carry water with you. If your unsure keep them in side your home. 

french bulldog outside walking with owner

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